TEAK- the ultimate wood for furniture

TEAK- the ultimate wood for furniture

Teak- The ultimate wood of choice?

Most of us have heard of Teak and maybe bought a piece of Teak furniture.  Do we really know how good Teak is?  Doing some research as we took on a new supplier for various teak products, I was curious what makes Teak so desirable?  Here are some facts you may find interesting:

Teak History

Teak is native to Southeast Asia, Thailand, Laos and India, where you can find natural grown teak forests. The highest quality trees are typically over 80 years old. Genuine teak wood has high oil and resin content which makes it withstand the rough conditions of weather and also prevents from insect infestation. Teak wood is moderately hard, easily worked, and extremely durable; and beams said to be over 1,000 years old are still functional. This makes teak wood ideal for yacht building industry.

Teak Facts

  • Teak is type of tropical, deciduous tree that belongs to the mint family.
  • The Titanic was fitted with teak decks. That teak wood is still as good today as it was in 1912.
  • Teak (deciduous tree) can reach up to 150 feet in height. It has strong trunk with wide base and large, spreading crown.
  • Teak does not rot. Most hardwoods rot after being saturated with moisture for long periods of time.
  • Because of its density, teak will float on the surface of water.
  • Long before it was used for teak decks in the yachting industry, Southeast Asia caught on to teak wood’s many useful applications. It was used medicinally to relieve headaches, fever, digestive issues, and stomach pain by brewing the bark into tea.
  • Teak trees (tectona grandis) produces small, white flowers arranged in dense clusters (panicles) at the end of the branches. Flowers contain both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).
  • Teak propagates via seed, cuttings and grafting. Wildfires are the biggest threat to the survival of seeds in the wild.

The bottom line is not only are products made of Teak so durable indoors and outdoors, the high oil content and grains make for truly beautiful products.  The link directly to the teak products is https://homeporchpatio.com/collections/teak-wood-products

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